Wildbark Woodland Sanctuary twilight tour


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Location: Wildbark Visitors Center.  Throsby, ACT
Start point:  S35 11.211 E149 09.933
Hosts: isopeda (Susanne), StarsAlign (Brigitte),  mountainsbeyond (Chris), SocialClimber (Peter)
Start time : Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun, Mon 7:00pm
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Drive time from Canberra Park: 20min


Guided spotlighting night tour:
Red light torch for night search included.
20 per group for quiet ambience

Enjoy a twilight walking tour in a critically endangered ecosystem with a trained guide, searching for animals extinct from mainland Australia for over 120 years. You’ll borrow a red-light torch to help illuminate your walk through the box gum grassy woodlands where you will be able to observe various kangaroo and wallaby species feeding in their natural environment and with a bit of luck you may even spot the Eastern Bettong foraging on native truffles in the wild, or see a tiny sugar glider eating nectar from the top of a flowering eucalyptus tree. You may even hear the distant cry of the Bush Stone-curlew as these birds awaken to search for insects in the grassy woodland.
You will learn about these animals’ stories, history, and connections to the landscape as you explore the sanctuary after dark and get inspired by learning how science is enhancing our understanding and ability to restore these critically endangered woodlands.

Cafe and meals to fit in with tours. Seminar available with tour. Mini bus available to start tours at some further away designated start points in the huge walking area.
Note Saturday night recommended for kids  (shorter tour 1.5 hrs)

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Tour Date

Wed 27-March @7:00pm, Thu 28-March @7:00pm, Sat 30-March @7:00pm, Sun 31-March @7:00pm, Mon 01-April @7:00pm