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Australian War Memorial Guided Tour


Australian War Memorial Guided Tour

Guide: AWM Professional Guide

Geocachers Hosts: GLISS! (Sue), Flintstone’s (Ralf), Domsky (Vernon) and Domsky (Virginia)

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Location: Australian War Memorial
Start point : S35 16.890 E149 08.986 (inside Poppys Cafe 15mins early)
Hosts: Guide: AWM Professional Guide, GLISS! (Sue), Flintstone’s (Ralf), Domsky (Vernon) and Domsky (Virginia)
Start time : Thur 28-March @ 12:00 | Fri 29-March @ 12:00 | Sat 30-March @ 11:00 | Mon 1-April @11:00
Duration: 2 ½ hr (80 minutes official tour )
Drive time from Canberra Park: 30min


Includes access to Aircraft Hall, Hall of Valor, First World War Galleries, Second World War Galleries and the Commemorative Area (includes the Hall of Memory, Roll of Honor, Pool of Reflection and Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier).
After the official tour there will be a 30 minute coffee break in Poppys Café for snacks and a toilet break before the Geocaching Tour commences.

1 Virtual/1 Earthcache/1 Multi/
3 Mysteries/ 2 Lab Caches

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Tour date

Thur 28-March @ 12:00, Fri 29-March @ 12:00, Sat 30-March @ 11:00, Mon 1-April @11:00