• Whilst caching in the greater Canberra area, please respect all the geocaching rules as you would normally, when you signed up to join The highest emphasis is placed on this point, due to the enormous searches expected.
  • Please respect local cache logbooks and use brief signatures as over all the days as they will get a lot of entries. On micro and nano caches please use your “Team initials only “. Cache owners will understand and appreciate this during a large event.
    EG:   TEAM cachers 19/4/22 =TC 19/4
  • Please respect local cache hides and replace exactly as you found it. If you are the last team to sign the last spot on a sheet, please try to assist the local owner and place a basic new piece of paper in the cache for the next finder. The owners won’t have time to duck out but will appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

Whilst we want all Geocachers to have fun and enjoy themselves, please respect all the rules for the enjoyment of others.

Adventure Labs

Over 100 exciting lab caches are based around Canberra. Many more are being created by the Games Team and will be available during the event.

In addition, Geocaching HQ has awarded five lucky Canberra Geocachers a chance to create Adventures and many of these will be set up and available to attendees to find. These Adventures will also be accessed using the Adventure Lab phone app and will be located across the Canberra region.

Now is the time to download the FREE ‘Adventure Lab’ app available for both IOS and Android from the App Store. You will need the new app to access the lab caches that will be available at the event site and Adventures hidden around the city for the general geocaching community to enjoy.

 Event Souvenir

  1.  The Event Souvenir after logging your ‘Attended’, and if you set the attend date between 29-30th March.
  2. If you are Geocaching for the first time ever in the NSW or ACT, you will receive a Souvenir for each.


We encourage every team to try to make this a milestone event in their stats.  A milestone cache find is on one of the thousand numbers e.g. 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 , 4,000. Office event day is Saturday. Sign the Milestone book at the registration desk

Event Highlights


The Grand Opening will feature on the Good Friday evening. The official ribbon will be cut by an official and many other officials to signify the official opening.


This will be taken at the same time as the Grand Opening on the Good Friday night. All attendees will be asked to be in the main building Committee will take photos in conjunction.


More details here

Event Site

Committee’s walk around tour of the event site

Powered and camping areas

  • A maximum of 10km per hour will apply to vehicles on site.
  • Any person riding a bike (powered or not) must always wear a helmet.
  • Your exact campsite area is to be left clean on departure. multiple skip bins and other bins are available for rubbish disposal.
  • No log style campfires will be allowed to be lit at the site. Persons consuming alcohol will be required to behave responsibly.
  • Capital GeoBash Name tags to be always displayed on your shirt for security. The sales of goods and services other than from stallholders is prohibited on the event site without expressed permission of the Oz Mega Committee.


  • The Committee strongly urges that pets be kept home. A large event is not really for pets, but if attending Pets must be always kept under control, and dogs to remain on leads, and not left unattended.
  • Pets are prohibited in buildings and areas where food is consumed as well as any entertainment and stage region.
  • It’s the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up after their pets.


  • A noise curfew will be in effect from 10:00pm nightly through to 8am, this includes generators and excessive noise.
  • Remember families are trying to sleep so please respect your fellow campers.

General information

Police And Hospitals

Official letters will go to both the Canberra Police and local hospitals, which will be delivered in-person to explain the details of a large geocaching event. We will explain why a lot of Geocachers will be out and about in strange places for a 10-day period.

Car Flags

Each registered Geocaching team will receive a car flag at the registration table in on arrival. One per team.

The flag have the top third highlighted with their “” team name.
We ask that participants please attach the flags to the car window and keep them on for the duration of the event.

  • The police will be notified about this flag procedure, and it will calm suspicion if they see a car in an odd place or late at night in a strange location while geocaching.

Volunteers required

If you would like to assist the Geobash committee during the event please register your interest at Volunteersignup

CANBERRA Average March-April

Max/ High Temperature25°C (76°F)
Average Temperature18°C (64°F)
Min/ Low Temperature11°C (51°F)
Avg Precipitation54mm (2.1in)
Number of Wet Days (probability of rain on a day)7 (23%)
Average Sunlight per day07:30

Social Media

We encourage to join and like the related Facebook groups.

If you have not been to a large before and wish to see some of the highlights of the first two mega events in Australia , sit back and enjoy this package and some of the upcoming Canberra highlights (youtube)

You may wish to show your support for the event by sharing event page onto your next cache page as advertising and awareness of the Capital GeoBash